Acetaminophen Can Kill You

Posted on : October 13, 2016 |

A buddy of mine in the Viet Nam War expired awhile back. He appeared to function as the photo of wellness. “G.I. Joe”, as everybody called him, was a popular fixture in a little California town and had resided there for a long time. G.i. could be discovered at among the three local bars nearly every night.

Joe was on doing what was correct huge, so a local teenager began inquiring when he went missing. Joe determined who the killer was prior to the victim was also discovered. Joe attempted repeatedly to turn the killer to the local police, but was blown off at every turn. Eventually several of the guys friends went after the creep and surprised him. They beat him up quite badly, cut off his pony tail and dropped him on the street.

Unable to assume this kind of bunch of punks having the ability to do any real damage to Joe, he took some Acetaminophen for the headache and went home. Throughout the next 24 hours, the head ache kept getting worse and Joe took more Panadol. and more. and more. The head ache did not go away. Joe eventually visited the physician when he began queasy to his stomach. From the time Joe drove twenty miles for the doctors office, he was having trouble breathing and severe muscle spasms. Joe expired before a doctor could do anything.

I read a replica of his autopsy report, directed at me with a common pal. The bruises and head injury were hardly mentioned and the killer was recorded as “Drug Overdose.” The substance in question was Acetaminophen.

I found that anyone who drinks alcohol, even modest numbers, can perish from combining it with Acetaminophen and did a little research. It turns down the liver and kidneys and toxins the victim before they are not unaware that anything is incorrect. By the time the victim felt ill, it was too late.

I never use Paracetamol, myself. and I do not even drink. Physicians will inform you that Acetaminophen is safe and that aspirin can cause stomach bleeding. They do not usually give any warnings concerning their patients’ drinking habits.

You can be killed by Acetaminophen, if you drink, even a little! Personally, I’d take an opportunity on a little stomach bleeding and rather remove a headache than be dead, would not you? Consider it, please.


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